How to Prevent Xerosis Skin

Xerodema or xerosis cutis or xerosis is an abnormal dryness of the skin, is a common skin condition. This condition is caused de to lack of moisture on the surface of the skin. Harsh chemical based products, lack of skin care, sun exposure etc. are some common causes of xerosis skin condition. Some common symptoms of xerosis may include rough skin, patchy skin, itchy skin, lines on the skin etc. Here are some tips on how to prevent xerosis skin. Check more to learn about “best dermatologist in the world 2023“.

How to Prevent Xerosis Skin

Inadequate water or fluid intake is one of the biggest cause if xerosis or dry skin. Therefore, it is essential that you should drink enough water and other healthy fluids throughout the day in order to keep your skin and body fully hydrated.

Try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible. As, sun exposure is also responsible for transepidermal water loss. Do not forget to wear a sunscreen and protective clothing before going out in the sun.

Minimize the use of heating systems during winter. Also, do not forget to use good quality emollients.

Avoid hot water while bathing and use lukewarm water instead.

Avoid or minimize the use of harsh chemical based cosmetic products.

Remove makeup and use a good quality moisturizer, before going to bed at night.

Eat well balanced diet and lot of vitamin A, B, C and E rich food sources to keep your skin healthy from inside out.

These tips on how to prevent xerosis will surely help you to keep dry skin and other dry skin related problems at bay. Lastly, get an expert dermatologist advice to prevent further complications.

How to Hide a Pimple without Makeup

You can hide a pimple with makeup but, if you don’t want to use makeup then here are some ways that you can use to hide a pimple without makeup.

How to Hide a Pimple without Makeup

Use a good quality face wash which contains at least 4% of benzoyl peroxide. Leave this face wash on your face for about one or two minutes and the wash your face thoroughly with water.

Do not forget to use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning.

Make a good skin care routine to keep your face clean.

Use home remedies to get rid of pimples naturally. Here are some remedies and tips on how to hide a pimple naturally at home.

Make a remedy for pimple by mixing a small amount of salt with lemon juice. Apply this mix over your pimple and wait for about 20 minutes before washing your skin with cold water. Lastly, apply tea tree oil on the affected area. Do not use this remedy, if you are allergic to any ingredients listed here.

Sandalwood and rose water mix is also said to be beneficial in the treatment of pimples. Make a paste by combining sandalwood powder and rose water together. Apply it on the affected area for about half an hour and then rinse off, lastly, press the pimple with an ice cube to reduce its swelling and size.

These were some tips on how to hide a pimple without makeup. Do not use these tips if your condition is severe. Get an advice of a dermatologist to get rid of your pimples problem safely.

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