PokerStars deal 95,000,000,000th hand! Winner gets $23,920 Bonus!


On Monday, PokerStars dealt the latest in their “Milestone” hands on the road to 100 Billion hands dealt on the site. With the last 16 round million hands leading up to the 95 Billionth hand earning a prize, PokerStars had been making the road to this milestone paved in gold.

The 95 Billionth hand happened at an $0.08/$0.16 table, and Lee Jones, PokerStars Head of Poker Communications, was on hand to act as ringmaster in what was quickly becoming a 3 ring circus.

We saw a stream of PokerStars Pros show up and congratulate the players at the table. Each player had won at least $10,000, and the winner of the hand would take away double what he had already won. These 9 players had edged out the other 202,761 players online at the same to get dealt into this particular hand.

Oneof these lucky players was probably pulling his hair out. “MenFedlak” of Hungary was having issues with his Internet Service Provider. For this hand (he had been dealt in) he was sitting Under the Gun, and after several connects and disconnects, he had disappeared offline. Several of us watching were coming up with some rather funny yet horribly stereotypical scenarios of what “Menfedlak” was trying to do to get back online. bitcoin blackjack Suggestions included him in a secluded house in the Hungarian countryside, trying to get hold of his ISP on his phone, only to get a recorded message thanking him for his custom, and then be played Hungarian Folk Music down the line. All of this was probably completely erroneous, and was only serving to pass the time as we waited for his return.

After about 45 minutes, a deadline was set by Lee Jones, and “MenFedlak” was given another 30 minutes to get back to the table, or he would be timed out of the hand. He would still get his original winnings, but would lose his chance to double that.

He obviously couldn’t get to any other internet access, as at 16:00 GMT, the hand was continued. “MenFedlak” was timed out, and every other player got their stack into the middle.

The board ran out 3Q2 6 5 giving “RichB17′s” J4 a straight, and the main pot.

The nine players at the table walked away with the following bonus amounts:

RichB17:          $23,920

pacheko23980: $14,800

yanno:              $13,070

soya_aware:     $12,240

SAURO1980:    $12,400

popp00:            $12,000

Dummkobb:      $11,700

Dom07:            $11,660

MenFedlak:       $10,240

Given the levels these guys were playing, these bonuses have to be a major boost to their bankrolls, and I’m expecting them all in the Sunday Million this week.

PokerStars has been running these promotions under the banner “The Road to 100 Billion” since PokerStars ticked over 60 Billion hands, with these events every 5 Billion hands. With the next milestone being the big one, I’m expecting big things.

If you want to get ready for the next promotion, you have time to build up your bankroll on PokerStars starting now. You can download the software here, and if you use the marketing code:FLOPTURNRVER when you sign up, you’ll get a welcome bonus, and access to out exclusive FTR freerolls and value added tournaments.

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