Seychelles Island Holidays for Everyone


The Seychelles archipelago with its numerous islets and pristine beaches is a unique destination in its own bursting with beauty and diversity. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway in the secluded coves or for a fun-filled family holiday, Seychelles has something in store for everyone and is perfect for splashing around with your loved ones. Are you also excited to buy diary planners, check out a big collection of diary planners with best price here.

The wonderful wildlife, crystal clear waters and unending stretches of sand are sure to enthrall kids and adults alike. Water sports and activities including sailing, diving and fishing and other daring adventures added to your holidays to the Seychelles islands make your journey truly unforgettable. Here is what you need to do in Seychelles whether you are on a romantic retreat or on a family getaway.

Activities for couples

There are very few destinations in the world that offer better holidays for couples than Seychelles. Booking your stay in any of the top resorts will let you enjoy your romantic moments while offering plenty of options to relax. Almost all of the resorts here have spas and swimming pools and centers for water sports and you can also tailor your stay to suit your interests.


In addition to discovering secluded beaches and soaking up in the sun, you can explore even other parts of the archipelago via boat trips organized by the resorts. A glass bottom boat trip to Sainte Anne Marine National Park is one of the dazzling experiences that everyone visiting Seychelles will ever have. Cerf Island is another hot spot where you can taste the local Creole food.

Honeymooners get complimentary offers such as couples’ massages and relaxing spa treatments. Most of the hotels are more than happy to organize candle-lit dinners on the beaches for couples and also offer trips to different islands. Mahe alone has more than 70 beaches offering all the tourists an ideal escape in glorious weather.

Activities for families

Despite being associated with romantic breaks, Seychelles has lot of ingredients in store for a perfect family holiday. While the little ones can explore the national parks and indulge in some scuba diving to see the glorious underwater, parents can relax in any of the spas and pamper themselves.

St Anne Marine National Park is an ideal spot for the entire family as kids and adults will be thrilled at the sight of exotic corals and colourful fish just beneath the crystal-clear waves.


As almost all the resorts are located across the islands they are ideal for some water sports such as scuba diving and kayaking. They also have excelling restaurants that cater to the family’s needs making the holidays in Seychelles more fantastic and relaxing.

Seychelles’ islands are also perfect for weddings with their sumptuous surroundings and seaside settings. The hotels here also have dedicated wedding planners who make sure that the wedding has everything that everyone has wished for.

Seychelles has steady climate all through the year but the temperature is a little cooler from May to September falling below the average 24 to 34° C range. While the months from October to March are a little humid, the months of January and February experience rains. All you need to do is pack smart for the holidays and familiarize yourself with the surroundings near your stay to have a break that is filled with complete peace and seclusion in this paradise called Seychelles.

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