The reasons of caused melasma in the daily life


Even without the sun, in spite of the day indoors to hide from the face of the unbridled proliferation of dot-like, regardless of skin, age spots always haunt us, today we must come to tell you that if the election of the products, the elimination of Dot-face annoying, first of all, start with life, to improve the diet, after the dot-effective cure Forever will stay away from our lives.


  1. Often eat fried, fried or contain phytoestrogens of food, such as deep-fried dough sticks, grilled toast, caramel or soya bean, yam …


  1. Often wearing a light-colored clothing, especially white or light purple.


  1. A long time to high temperature, high-brightness of the work environment, such as cooks, models, Miss counters …


  1. The long-term stay up all night, sleep less than eight hours


  1. Long-term use of female hormone drugs, such as contraceptives


Caffeine containing food, easy to arouse excitement, tension, will lead to aging. And Chinese yam, Adlay, milk, including soy isoflavones, estrogen can stimulate proliferation, thereby affecting the body basal cell activation, resulting in melanoma precipitation, Dot hyperplasia. The caramel will have too many free radicals, leading to saccharification phenomenon, and will work with the collagen protein binding, so that inelastic skin, dull. In addition, deep-fried, fried, baked foods also need to avoid excessive intake. Found in the skin caused by existing dull, black spots by many factors, is no longer just a single cause, so the future will be more emphasis on whitening products for complex components, in addition, whitening products can be placed refrigerator, but suggested that in 6 months exhausted. Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better


DIY to eliminate acne scar way

It is delicate and smooth skin, a sudden coming out for many acne, the skin will look rough, there are serious pustule. Improper treatment, but also left pox and India, so that the uneven color. Great to adolescence, a large area of acne, so miserable skin; small to adulthood, and occasionally out of acne affect the overall image.


1, with tea water (hot) apply in the part of acne scar.


2, every morning, wash with warm water, add some white vinegar inside.


3, drinking plenty of water (at least 8 cups a day).


4, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat vitamins.


How to treatment emotional spot?

In the long-term stress, psychological stress, worry, depression, it is easy to generate acne on the face, at the same time stimulate the growth of melanoma is why acne left imprinted in black will never fade, some of the accumulation of melanin in the skin off precipitation, so that changes in Western Into stain. This is called emotional stain on the ban.


At this point it is necessary to pay attention to alleviate the pressure on the state of mind to adjust to ensure adequate sleep, and then through the diet so that the smooth metabolism, the pigment deposition will be eliminated from the body, can also use skin whitening products to meet the treatment.



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