YOUR OILY SKIN MIGHT BE CAUSED BY COSMETICS – Explained by Laser treatments Delray Beach


Your moisturizer cream may be causing oily skin! Today seborrhea or oily skin has become a common skin problem for the major masses including both teenagers and adults. Many people experience oily skin only in specific areas, a condition called as combination skin. If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach

Though oily skin delays aging of the skin; yet it is prone to frequent acne breakouts and blackheads and hence, everyone wants to get rid of it. It’s no wonder more people are switching to organic product lines.

The main reason of skin being too oily is the increased secretion of sebum from the sebaceous gland that are present beneath the skin surface; mostly at nose, forehead, and chin. Now, the various factors leading to excess secretion of skin oil may be as below:

  1. Hormonal Changes: It’s a known fact that during puberty, the body experiences various changes due to hormonal shifts, and oily skin is one of them. The increased levels of androgen during adolescence signal the sebaceous glands to mature and secret skin oil or sebum. For many teenagers, this problem subsides after puberty as the sebum secretion decreases with age. Some adults may still experience due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, menopause or due to stress.
  2. Heredity: For some cases, oily skin may result of ancestors’ genes often resulting in sebaceous glands being overactive; thus leading to excess secretion of sebum or skin oil.
  3. Weather changes: Any change in temperature or humidity during summer may cause skin’s sebum secretion to increase due to dehydration. Tanning may further trigger the sebaceous glands to surge oil production as a counter-effect to protect the skin from getting damaged due to over-exposure to the sun. On the contrary, the same skin may become dry during winter due to little sebum secretion and often skin needs moisturizing.
  4. Use of incorrect skin products or methods: For example, use of harsh soaps, heavy moisturizers, astringents or keeping heavy make-up for longer duration may cause the skin to get excess dry and thus the skin tries to compensate by producing skin oil. In fact, improper skin care methods like over-cleansing or over-exfoliating or over scrubbing cause the upper skin layer to shrink resulting in excessive irritation; ultimately causing the skin to secrete excess oil to compensate. Moreover, use of blotting paper or paper napkins to remove excess skin oil may press the unseen oil deep into skin pores and do more harm by clogging the pores.

Always skin must be cleansed using an oil-based product that can effectively dissolve sebum. Also cleansing should be limited to 2-3 times a day so that that skin doesn’t get rid of its natural oils.

  1. Medications: Intake of medicines like birth control pills or steroids or weight-loss tablets may cause the androgen levels to increase and further cause the oil glands to secrete excess oil.
  2. Improper Diet & Lifestyle: Excess intake of alcohol, soft drinks, chocolates and smoking may also make the oil glands hyperactive. Also, oily skin may also result due to deficiency in vitamin B2. Hence, a proper diet rich in vitamins and proteins along with plenty of water always helps to flush out excess toxins thus reducing the oil secretion.
  3. Pollution: Over- exposure to dust and smoke may sometimes cause the skin to get irritated, and the oil glands may secret excess soil to compensate for it.

There are various solutions readily available to take care of oily skin. There are medications like Bioelements new Oil Control Mattifier, The Regimen,’s 3-step routine and Homeopathy as well which may be having benzyl peroxide as an active ingredient. These work by reducing the androgen levels and diminishing sebaceous secretions and soaking up the excess oil. Also, there are natural skin care methods like cleaning with lukewarm water in combination with lemon juice. Application of oil-free moisturizers, Aloe Vera or face packs usually containing clay also curbs the oil secretion. Lastly, a diet comprising of whole grains and green leafy vegetables and regular exercise with proper water intake obviously works wonder for the skin.

An important point to be noted is: some oils are essential for skin for its protection and to retain its ability to rejuvenate and regenerate during any injury. So, whenever our skin gets depleted of its natural oils due to any reason; our skin glands secrete these oils automatically so as at to keep our skin safe and glowing. Choosing the right moisturizer cream for your skin is vital.

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